Institución Educativa No. 10

Here you'll find some interesting sheets to get ideas and improve on your English level. Hope you'll find it thought-provoking  



 An online presentation to know what you need to begin...


 A printable sheet to know what you need to begin...

 Subject pronouns, possessive adjectives

 Subject pronouns, possessive adjectives chart.

 TO BE tenses

 Learn the verb TO BE in present and past tenses.

 TO BE sentences

 Learn how to structure a sentence using TO BE.


 Learn how to use auxiliary DO - DOES (simple present tense).


 How to use auxiliary DID (simple past tense).

 Present progressive

 Learn how to use the present progressive tense.

 Simple future: WILL

 Learn how to use the simple future using WILL.

 Future tense: TO BE GOING TO + VERB

 Learn how to use this form of future tense with this mind map.


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