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 Thought-provoking sites for teachers    


 Merriam Webster Dictionary

 Widen your vocabulary.

 Your dictionary

 It´s a comprehensive reference site both for students and teachers.


 It´s the world´s leading online source for English.

 Urban dictionary
 Description 4

 Visual Dictionary Online
 Description 5

 The visual dictionary
 Description 6

 Picture dictionary
 Description 7


Here you'll find some interesting sites to get ideas for your English class.   Hope you'll find it thought-provoking  



 EFL / ESL English Lesson Plans & Podcast for   studying  Current Events and News.
 Thousands of FREE 13-page, Ready-to-Print Handouts   with Downloads & Quizzes.
 Keep up with the news and learn English - Reading,   Writing, Listening & Speaking.


 Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers,   students and parents. Create and print customized   word  search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more   using your own word lists.

 ICT Portal for teachers

 This site provides a comprehensive range of useful ICT   in Education information for teachers and educators,   particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region, including:   teaching guidelines, lesson plans, and links to online   ICT teacher training courses.

 La Mansión del Inglés

Este sitio está destinado a todo aquél que quiere aprender, mantener o mejorar su inglés. Aquí podr&

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